Ben + Cianne

Not married, not engaged, just in love and lovin it


This is a story of coffee, a guy who missed his girl, a surprise, and walk on the beach…


Ben had been making my medicine (triple shot flat whites) for sometime now at the Biggest Little Local, I noticed this morning while sipping my hot caffeine, that he was quieter than his usual self. I said “Whats up with you man?” in my usual blunt outbursts, he told me “Nothing really, maybe I just miss my girl… I’m seeing her tonight” he said.


Maybe it was the second triple shot flat white that set the plan off in my head or maybe just the notion of a guy that misses his girl just makes me want to take photos. So I said…


“Tell you what, you get Cianne (the love) down to Karekare beach at 6:30, tell her to dress up for dinner, ill meet you there and we’ll surprise her with a couples shoot”


Young love… ❤️ The rest is history.